Mobile Security Surveillance Trailers

Mobile security surveillance trailers are a highly cost-effective solution for businesses in need of short-term or long-term site security. Equipped with cameras mounted on 30-foot poles, live monitoring, and 24/7 recording capabilities, these units can be rented for as long as necessary to meet your company’s needs. Whether used to monitor an event, construction site, or any location with valuable assets, these trailers provide robust surveillance capabilities at a fraction of the cost of hiring a security guard. With their advanced features and flexibility, mobile security surveillance trailers are an excellent choice for businesses looking to enhance their security measures.  All stations are powered by CUI Systems 24/7 monitoring technologies.



Securing Safety Through Proactive Security Solutions

In today’s world, a modern security system should offer an efficient visual security solution that not only deters criminal activity but also enhances employee safety, and ultimately leads to the successful apprehension of wrongdoers. Such a comprehensive security system is what everyone deserves to have for complete peace of mind.

Visual Alarm Detection

Access to real-time video alerts when an alarm is triggered, allowing for a quick and accurate assessment of the situation, ensuring that the proper authorities are alerted promptly and can respond appropriately to the potential criminal threat.

Deterrence & Prevention

Visual awareness technology allows for detection zones to be extended to exterior locations, effectively expanding your security perimeter beyond the confines of your building. By safeguarding exterior assets and deterring vandalism or intrusion attempts

Secure Monitoring

Enabling monitoring centers and users to have full control over any critical event by incorporating video and audio monitoring, lighting and gate controls, and remote video access.


Tailor your video surveillance setup to your precise requirements, whether that involves a basic arrangement or a more complex setup we can assist with your surveillance requirements.

6 different uses for mobile security surveillance trailers



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